Global Vision Concepts Aims to Build on Successful 2017

Global Vision Concepts' management team is celebrating a successful 2017 and planning for an even bigger 2018. The firm's Director of Operations discussed growth goals and the benefits of team travel.

​It’s time to take stock of what has been accomplished in 2017. For the leaders at Global Vision Concepts, this will be a happy process. The firm’s Director of Operations explained, “It was a banner year for our team for a long list of reasons. First among them would have to be the national recruiting record we were able to set, which reflects our company’s standing as a respected leader in the marketing and consulting services industry.”

The firm’s branding experts also attended multiple national conferences during the year, one of which featured the Director as the head speaker. There were plenty of other business trips on the calendar as well, including an all-expenses-paid R&R getaway to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic. Along with all this, the company expanded into new territories and hit national records, opening up exciting possibilities for Global Vision Concepts and represented brands.

All of this sets the company up for an even more successful 2018. The Director stated, “We want to double up on office numbers, continue expanding into new markets, and improve retention in the year to come. To advance our commitment to ongoing education, we’d also like to strengthen our training program for team members at all levels.”

Global Vision Concepts’ Director of Operations Highlights Benefits of Team Travel

Attending conferences and retreats helps build Global Vision Concepts’ reputation in the industry, but it also provides a wealth of benefits for team members. The Director remarked, “There’s a significant morale boost that comes with each getaway, especially when they take our team members to exotic locations. The R&R trip to Punta Cana was a prime example, because it provided all kinds of opportunities to recognize great performance. Fun in the sun was matched by the networking potential of the event.”

People also gain new perspectives on their work when they get away from the office for a few days. Whether or not they discuss the challenges they face with their peers, they get some distance from everyday tasks that allows fresh viewpoints. “We often find that our branding experts have devised a breakthrough solution after we return from a business trip,” the Director added. “They find unique inspiration when they’re around other high achievers and influential business leaders.”

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